You’ve just finished your semester after working really hard or imagine working 5-6 days a week without any breaks. You are exhausted. The first thing that comes to mind is a vacation. With the onset of social media, there are a plethora of options available ranging from your ideal destinations to your choice of stay. But believe it or not, with these infinite options that are available, planning your ideal vacation can be a little too much. Someone may want to just relax on mountain side or sunny beaches with a nice book and peace of mind. While there are others who can only relax with thrill of adventure, be it adventure sports or trekking or exploring new places. Choosing your ideal vacation can be a lot tougher especially if you are on a budget.

Our founder believes that the only way to grow, mature and be humble is by traveling. It makes you lose inhibitions, makes you confident and helps you to gain perspective. is your one stop for all that. From organizing large corporate retreats to helping new solo travellers, we believe in making your travel story a true epic adventure. We provide best budget travel options and make sure you have an amazing time on your trip. We want you to go back not just with pictures, but with amazing stories. has transformed from a small operator to one of the leading travel companies in Delhi-NCR. Being the first group to reach Kedarnath post pandemic is a testament to that. Our Holiday plans are not to be missed. We not only book hotels/flights but also introduce fun activities that you can be a part of and mix up with the ever growing travel community.

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